Speaking your truth with Anna Goddard

This is my first interview episode where I get to chat with Anna Goddard and we dive deep into finding, living and speaking your truth.

Below are some snippets of what Anna covers in the conversation:
  • Finding your truth is more about letting go of all the labels, the constructed image of who you think you are or who you think you should be and others expectations. Then getting to your core, soul or spirit – who are you without all those things. Letting go of all that stuff, and then rediscovering who you are without all of that.
  • In the four and a half years of studying – every day felt wrong like I was putting on a mask. I did well at University, but just because someone is good at something, doesn’t meant that its their truth. It took me years to recover from putting on that mask every day.
  • I looked for my truth in a title in the corporate world. I went overseas and travelled and looked for my truth in money.
  • You know it’s not right and you’re not living your truth when it feels ‘yuck’ and something just doesn’t feel right.
  • My soul-searching and healing involved sitting on the couch and crying – not the idyllic yoga and Bali based meditation I’d envisioned.
  • There is a benefit to be found in solitude and there is magic that happens when you’re alone.
  • Solitude allows you to look back at what you’ve created because of your past beliefs and failures and address what’s no longer serving you.
  • Rediscovering your truth, you actually know what to do, its about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Knowing the difference between depression and the fact that you’re going through a healing process.
  • The truth can be really uncomfortable and make you want to run away, especially when you’ve been living a lie for so long.
  • If you are wanting to discover your truth, strap in for the ride. It is going to get uncomfortable, letting go of perfection and how people see you. But the more you connect to people the more you’ll see that we’re all the same.
  • Journaling is a great process to help identify your truth and help you articulate what your truth is. You can’t speak your truth if you don’t know what your truth is. Use simple question like – what do I want out of health? Sit down and think about what you want from life. What would it look like without everyone else’s expectations?
  • I started as a Life Coach being a vision and goals coach, now I almost deter people from writing goals. As we always live in the future, and what’s really useful is to write what they want and how to create an action plan around that. We live so much in the future ‘what’s next’.
  • How does this feel? Return to your body and the present. Simple stuff like going for a walk without music, try to be truly present. The first few walks sucked, it’s actually helpful to realise where you are and how you feel.
  • We don’t want to listen to the thoughts because its uncomfortable, but that’s our intuition.
  • Once you’ve done your own process and journey, get around other supportive women that you can connect with and share your truth with.
  • Be compassionate with yourself, say no to things, cancel plans or be around supportive friends that you trust.
  • We’re so used to motivating ourselves through fear, and we think if we stop doing this we won’t achieve anything. People are afraid to be nice to themselves. One way to frame it is “you’d never treat a friend like that, so why would you treat yourself like that?”
  • You can’t bullshit yourself – compassion is about getting along side yourself and asking  – what do you need right now? Do you need a cuppa tea? Do you need a shower?
  • What stops people from finding their truth? The amount of energy that goes into it. People are busy and on autopilot, we love certainty so keep doing what we’re doing. They’d rather live in something that doesn’t feel right rather than try do something differently.
  • It’s going against the grain. People always ask me “are you busy?” and “are you making money?” and if I answer “no” does that mean I’m not successful?
  • One of my biggest challenges was overcoming the relationship with my body, overcoming my eating disorder and I didn’t have compassion or appreciation for my body.
  • Being in relationships is hard, but you learn about your truth, its like having a mirror of all your s**t reflected in your face.
  • You know you’re living your truth when you can change who you are and take that back to your family. Its actually easier to be your true self around strangers.
  • I’m discovering my truth every day – its not a job, its nothing I do, its how I feel and following my gut and my intuition and my first thought. It’s not being happy all the time, but more of being in peace. Peace isn’t comfortable every day.
  • I associate peace with faith and trust – whatever is happening right now is the right thing, its what you need right now, its your learning. The world throws golf balls before it throws a bowling ball. I’m at peace even if I’m uncomfortable.


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