Sound Healing, Light Language and Sacred Sites with Helen Barnes

In this episode I had the honor of talking to Helen Barnes – mystic, healer, intuitive, wisdom keeper, writer, poet, adventurer, sound master, illuminator and empowered woman. She heals through the power of sound and light language and she also guides and facilitates journeys around the world to sacred sites. She strives to live in conscious awareness.

In this episode we talk about her DNA activation and her awakening 20 years ago triggered by her brothers passing and an emotional breakdown after experiencing burnout in the corporate world. We discuss living in full alignment with your soul’s purpose, healing shadow aspects that stop you from being love consciousness, and how it’s all about vibration. We talk about spiritual sacred sites and her amazing experiences in Egypt. We wrap up by discussing how to connect to your higher self and a special light language blessing. Enjoy!

Below are some snippets of what Helen covers in the conversation:

What does finding your truth mean to you?

Finding purpose and passion, closely linked to my divinity. My journey was all about finding that truth within, who am I? I am a divine being, a soul/spirit having a human experience. Really knowing who I was, and then follow my heart, guidance, intuition. Get that real ‘knowing’ in me. My ‘knowing’ is my truth, compared to ‘knowledge’ is something someone taught me, and may not be my truth. I believe in reincarnation, so want to know why I’m here at this time. My teaching and guidance for people is about the spiritual journey. The journey within to find your inner most guide, your soul self or your God self.

I have all the answers inside me, I just need to find access to them.

Your journey to finding your truth

As a child growing up I used to have spirit visit me, standing at the end of my bed, and I was terrified at times. I grew up in a family that didn’t understand this sort of thing, so I was left quite afraid of it. I had a lot of imaginary friends and spirit guides around me. I did nothing about that until my mid 20s. I was told by friends ‘you’re really psychic’.

When I was 27 my only brother died in a car crash. Even though it was a great tragedy, I was so clear that he had left his body, that his life force had gone and was no longer on the earth plane. That was the beginning of me starting to look more at what was involved in this world. I was more than a human being, I was a spiritual being. He was around me a lot and I was having conversations with him. He said to me while I was awakening that this was always going to happen.

After that I buried myself in work I eventually went through burn out – as a company director for one of NZ largest travel companies. It was a great distraction from grief to bury myself in work. But then hitting the wall and having an emotional breakdown, that was the dark night of the soul, I was brought to my knees. For me it felt like my soul was crying out to be acknowledged and heard. For me to come into alignment with who I was. The corporate world is part of the illusion, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it’s not why I was put on the planet.

I asked spirit, why did I have such a rude awakening. And they said it was because I didn’t listen, so I needed a major jolt to realise that I wasn’t living my truth. I did get skills out of that time of my life, but it wasn’t why I was here. I’m here to be a light worker and a healer, so I was living out of alignment to my truth.

I had so many little but significant experiences with my brother, guiding me, prompting me, and by acknowledging that he was around meant that I could then acknowledge who I really was.

Being committed to a healing journey myself, I took on the task of healing myself. All of the human life lessons that I brought I am here to learn. I believe that as a soul we are here to have life lessons, so to see those shadow aspects of myself and heal them. To be in my truth, I needed to carry as much light in my being and cells, and every time I was having thoughts that wasn’t aligned with light and love I wasn’t able to be in full alignment. The purity of my light and my truth which is my guidance, radar and inner beacon is everything really.

Full alignment

We live it, breathe it, walk it and talk it. Everything has to be honest in a way. For example I do sound healing, but then I may not actually do the things that support that work, like looking after my voice and throat. I may say I do it, but I’m not embracing all that that means.

To live in truth you need to embrace all of the things like self care and self love. I need to accept that I am a magnificent being. Which is quite challenging, how do I do that without being ‘full of myself’. In this ego world we can’t own our magnificence, but we really are magnificent beings. To really feel that, is important to be in alignment, otherwise we are just giving it half measures.

I hear a lot of people talk about mastery. We already are masters, we’ve done this before, especially at this time of ascension. But we have amnesia, so we have to remember who we are and to love ourselves and to call on our inner guidance and intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, then I’m not going to make the decision. We stay true and pure to our principles and our guiding light.

I feel like it is my hearts intelligence of my soul that knows all the answers. I have to stay in my heart. To stay in my heart I need to be loving to myself and others. I’m not always, we can pop out of alignment, but when I’m not I don’t beat myself up. But what I really try to do, is say it’s okay, my imperfection is my perfection. But what we want to do is come back on track.

I like to ask myself ‘what would love do?’ That will be my guiding light that will be my truth because we’re all love. Love is the greatest healing power we have. Love is a potent elixir. Not emotional love, but the divine and unconditional love that is the essence of creation.

What is love?

It’s almost indefinable, it’s something you feel. It’s that blissful state. For example when I’ve run a workshop and I’m in a blissful state, that is love. It is a state of being. It’s like sparkles, that feeling like my whole body is fizzing and my heart is wide open and I can love everybody and everything. Especially when I don’t react to things, it is total acceptance, it is unconditional. There are no conditions upon it, it is far greater than me. It is the source of creation.

Sound healing journey

Sound healing can be several things, the sound of crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, lots of tools and instruments. The other aspect which is what I use is the voice and the language of light. Language of light is harmonic sounds that carry the coding of creation. The sounds have the ability to work with your own sound frequencies and work energetically at a molecular level. They also work at an emotional level. For example some sounding is toning that just goes and goes. The light language is more a series of sounds that come from a place outside of me, or deep in my belly and out. Language of light is something I was activated in. I had a DNA activation in 2003, and that stimulated a response of me waking up the next morning and being able to speak the light language. I do have to say that the language is so full of love. If I had a preference I’d speak it all the time. It is very loving and very resonant with the heart. That is how I got into it. At first I was a bit shocked by it, back then not many people were into it. But now more and more people are open to it and speak it. We can all speak it, but when is the time when we can all align with it?

Then I went to live in Egypt from 2006 to 2011. During that time I lived in a house with a view of the pyramids. I became very aware that sound was one of the building blocks of creation. I believe that the pyramids were built with the use of sound, one of the aspects of it. For example you can change the molecular structure of stone – change the density – so you can have a piece of granite that becomes pumice and back again. That is just the journey of spirit into matter. We come into this planet as matter.

Sound, colour and light are all building blocks of creation. I believe that we can materialise something of non-physical energy into matter using sound. I discovered this truth while living in Egypt and it connected me to sound.

I had one experience that validates this – in Egypt. I was in a small temple and left on my own. There was a wall in front of me. I got words from spirit ‘find the key’ then I realised it was the note that they meant, find the sound – key. So I started toning through a whole range of sounds until I found this one, and the wall literally dematerialised in front of me, like pixels on a screen. But unfortunately I got such a shock that I jumped back and jolted myself out of it and engaged my brain. I believe I opened a dimensional doorway and I could have walked through it.

The power of sound, we will find more and more research about it, and more people rediscovering it. It is incredibly powerful; it is an incredible healing tool. Sometimes when I do healings I can see a toxic ball of energy, and the sound goes in and shatters them.

I was DNA activated by Judy Satori – who a lot of people know and the first in NZ to be doing it way back then. The rest of my journey was spirit teaching me and having those experiences. When I feel into this now, it was me trusting myself. A big part of my truth is trusting myself, trusting my heart’s intelligence. Living somewhere like Egypt it was easier, because I feel I was plugged into the consciousness the whole time.

Egypt has been the main place I’ve taken lots of people on journeys to. The ancient Egyptians and their culture and their highly evolved spiritual consciousness are something you can easily tap into. A lot of people that have come with me have had a strong calling; it has strong Atlantian connections too. I act as a guide and facilitator to help them have their own experience, we go to temples and I do DNA light language activations. The power of the journey is the power of the land and there is so much to be received if one goes to walk the land bare foot.

Sacred Sites

There have been times where I can see two worlds, with my third eye. The veil between the worlds is very thin there. I’ve also take people to Peru, Glastonbury UK, and around Aotearoa – New Zealand.

The indigenous cultures haven’t lost the connection to the land. Maori still have the deep resonance with Papatanuku, the forests, lakes, rivers, and oceans. I’m fortunate enough to live near Waipoua forest, so near Tanemahuta.

  • Castle hill – Kura Tāwhiti: Very sacred site near Christchurch, it is an old Lumerian mystery school. It’s a very powerful place. The rocks are just incredible.
  • Taupo is also a very sacred space, the Kaimanawa wall is a mysterious place deep in the forest.
  • National park Lake Rotopounamu – very sacred place.
  • I’ve taken trips up north through the Hokianga, one of the key energetic places in NZ, it is very celestial.
  • Right up to Spirits Bay in Cape Reinga. I was told that when the Dalai Lama comes to NZ he is known to visit Spirits Bay.

The whole of our country (New Zealand) has a strong energetic frequency, we still have a lot of space around us, as we’re not overly urbanised.

How to connect to your higher self

We live here in the world of duality, with the shadow and the light. We live in constant conflict of who we are. Know who you are, know what your truth is.

Heal any shadow aspects that stop you from being love consciousness.

It’s all about vibration. It’s all about how light filled you are.

If you get rid of the shadow, the judgement and the negative shadow things that keep you in that personality ego illusion, heal that part. The easiest way to get rid of it is to give it love and light. I give love and light to my upset to diffuse the anger. Then you can let it go and release it. Then you can feel more like love which is your true essence. Then your vibration is at a higher frequency, and then it’s easy to connect. Taking care of you physically as well, meditation or walking on the beach, whatever works for you, working with your frequency and vibration.

If you’re feeling light you’ll get messages, your intuition will be sharp. Our everyday world clogs us, gets in the way of us being like that. Be as light filled as you can. Take time for yourself and your spiritual practice. The world of illusion has a lot of pressure on us.

Life is just a series of transitions from one thing to the next.

What stops people from finding their truth?

Fear. There is only fear and love. If we’re in fear, if we are holding onto beliefs like ‘not being good enough’ then they’re going to block us. It blocks the way for the light. If we are in a loving state, then there isn’t any fear. When you’re in that state there is incredible fearlessness.

I choose to live fearlessly in fully awakened consciousness. That fully opened me up. My mantra now is “I am love and light” my cells go ping because it is truth. I am actually infusing and endorsing that is my truth.

Don’t let anybody ever tell you that you’re anything less than this amazing being of light.

There are so many people out there that are trying so hard. Don’t try; just be the beautiful light that you are. It sounds simple, but it’s not necessarily easy, just know that you are loved and that you are love.

Be as loving as you can towards yourself.

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