Reiki, Coaching and Light Language with Laura Fox

In this episode I chat to Laura Fox who is wonderfully quirky and a self-proclaimed weird one. She shares her unique combination of energy medicine gifts including reiki, coaching and light language. She helps people remember who they are. She believes we all have our own light to shine with unique gifts to give to the world and everything is already inside of us.

She shares her personal journey through a very dark time where she contemplated ending her own life, all because she was not living her truth and trying to be someone else. This dark moment was also combined with a serious medical wake up call and started her on a healing journey, both physical and emotional. She also shares her plant medicine experience with ayahuasca and how she was shown her gifts and clarified her purpose.



Below are some snippets of what Laura covers in the conversation:


What does finding your truth mean to you?

Finding your truth is remembering that we are already whole and complete, and to be able to come back to that centre. To remember that we don’t need anything outside ourselves. That we’re perfect as we are and to have confidence in our voice and to share who we are. We’re evolving beings and what feels right for us one week, may not the next and my no longer align. It’s okay to change things, nothing in this world is permanent or fixed and we get to change and evolve.

“We’re perfect as we are”


I’m a big fan of energy medicine. I use a lot of reiki.   A lot of people think that reiki is that someone else is going to be messing with their energy or passing that energy on. But the reiki practitioner is just a channel allowing that flow to come through. We’re not giving or taking anything, just being that container for that person to feel into their own energy.

“The reiki practitioner is just a channel allowing that flow to come through”

Light Language

I love the modality of light language. For a lot of people when they first hear it, its like coming home, they’ve never heard before but it feels so familiar. It sparks really deep healing of something in the soul and is another form of energy medicine. It is a really gentle way to do really hard work.

I hold cacao ceremonies with light language and activation and its not the intention for people to speak light language but some do. I want people to know they’re not crazy. I think light language is within everybody, but maybe not everybody wants to share it, but its within us all. It’s a case of remembering that ancient connection.

Personal Development Industry

One of the down sides of the personal development industry, its like we have to keep finding problems with ourselves to continue to find healing. But if we can see ourselves as complete and whole. And instead look at what is triggering us in the moment.

None of us are broken, we don’t need fixing. Energy medicine is a maintenance tool. You don’t have to go if you feel down or stuck, but if you’re doing well and on your purpose, it helps keep you in flow.


I was desperately trying to fit in and feel like I belonged. I went through quite a dark time, because I was ignoring myself and trying to be someone else. That only lasts so long. I think that’s why we so much depression and anxiety today.

I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere or enjoying my life. I got to the point of ending my life, which wasn’t really an option but went through my mind as an alternative. Or I could end how this feeling is. In some ways if felt easier to end it all as it didn’t require anything further from me and didn’t require me to show up.

It took me four years to get on that healing path, you need to focus on yourself before you can go out in the world and help other people. You’ve got to look after yourself first.

I really started looking for inspiring people that were out there to serve, I came across people like Preston Smiles, Alexi Panos and  Melissa Ambrosini.

I do think we’re all here to serve in our own way. I did really struggle to step into that, because it mean’t I had to share of who I really was, but I’m too private. My fear of being judged was crippling. It’s probably why I was having physical symptoms because I was so afraid of what people were thinking of me. I was a walking apology.

“My fear of being judged was crippling”

The Bridge Experience was life changing for me.

Plant Medicine – Ayahuasca

I felt that she was calling. I found a great retreat in Iquitos, first time I’d sat with Aya. I felt warm white light in my palms, and got the message ‘you get to heal’ and ‘use your hands’.

The message didn’t click for me, I was aware of energy medicine but didn’t know how it would

After that I met Miriam Brewer and I started to learn reiki from her, and I realised this was the right path and it came to pass.

Finding Your Truth

A lot of societal norms, we’re conditioned at such a young age to fit in. Even when we’re encouraged to be ourselves, it is still within certain parameters. We’re conditioned at every stage of life with media around us, even more so today of how we should be in the world. We get punished for stepping out of line at school, and all those little lessons slowly dampen us down and by the time we’re adults we have forgotten.

Knowing it is a remembering and it is something that is inside me, it is a small distinction, but remembering feels easier than learning something new. I tell myself, I know this. It feels easier than thinking it is something out there that I have to learn.

I think it is important to have a coach or mentor that can see you for how you are and help you to get out of your own way. To help you see yourself from the unfiltered perspective and to help you remember who you really are. I don’t know if I would have gotten to where I am without my coaches and mentors. Our independence is what is holding us back, we can get help.

When you feel that nobody understands, its important to remember that there are people out there that do genuinely care. There are people out there to hold space for you. Remember that you are not alone.

“Remember that you’re not alone”

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