Living Your Purpose and Values with Chris Miller

In this episode I talk to Chris Miller, an experienced personal performance coach, business coach and executive coach. We discuss living your purpose, articulating your values and discovering your strengths in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Below are some snippets of what Chris covers in the conversation:
  • Finding your truth is all about fulfillment, which is all about living your purpose. Human beings have been gifted the opportunity to define their purpose. But most people don’t define their purpose, they just go through life responding to their environment.
  • People find it hard to talk about purpose because it’s close to the soul. Purpose is very sensitive, it’s very private. Purpose is very close to my heart and not my head. Purpose is where I love to spend my time, where I express the most love in my life.
  • For most people there is this drive to contribute, to add value to the world around them. When you live your purpose you’re automatically making the biggest difference.
  • A personal crisis led me to doing a lot of journaling, which was all about purpose and values. Why am I here? What do I care about in life?
  • It was a lot of soul searching  coming from a dark place that helped me identify my values.
  • For anybody that’s experimenting with values – write them down and experiment with words.  For example I have “Life is fun and easy” they have to mean something to you, they have to be personal, make it tangible.
  • I went through the process of articulating my purpose and my values. Having that clarity of my purpose and values allowed me to take the leap to be self-employed.
  • Find a place in the world, and finding a role in life where you get to play to your strengths and be who you really are.
  • What stops people from finding their truth are expectations of themselves and the expectations of others. Limiting beliefs from the individual themselves or from people around the individual. So many people are living in a job they don’t like and dreaming of starting their own business but don’t because of fear, expectations, and limiting beliefs. They don’t have the courage to give it a go.
  • Advice to those wanting to find their truth – you need to take the time and make the effort. Find enough alone time to connect to yourself. Walking in nature, spending time with supportive family and friends, and journaling.
  • Truth for me is waking up and giving my family my love – what gives you energy. If you’re experiencing low energy, it is because you’re focusing on your lesser strengths.
  • When I’m living on purpose, there is never a bad day.


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