Hypnotherapy & Hypno Birthing for Reprogramming your Subconscious with Karen Laverde

In this episode I talk to Karen Laverde – homeopath, hypnotherapist and hypno birthing coach about addressing fears through hypnotherapy for a pain free birth and how hypnotherapy can assist in reprogramming your subconscious to new beliefs. It’s like mindfulness with a set focus and intention to help you change habits and create more positive behaviours and attract what you want in your life like health and abundance. On a mind level, it can be hard to create a new habit but hypnotherapy misses out the mind and goes straight to the programme centre of you. Hypnotherapy sends the message into the deeper subconscious and you have less resistance to achieving it.

Below are some snippets of what Karen covers in the conversation:
  • Finding your truth is about the realisation in life that there is a power in your life that you can harness. You start to question your life, and it leads you down a path to find answers. It’s just a journey that you pick up things along the way, you don’t really reach the destination, but destination points of learning.
  • In my late 20s I was dissatisfied with my life and thought I should have found everything by then. And the goal was all about gathering everything as fast as you can. At one point I did have a panic that I didn’t have everything and compared myself to others like “oh they have that, and I don’t have that yet”. I thought that was the goal, that everyone was on the same page of reaching for these goals. Then my eyes opened to seeking and learning, its about the journey and then I eased into life.
  • I felt I needed to have it all sorted – partner, wealth, job, house, retirement savings, investment, a dog, a cat, a good car, a couple of trips here, date nights, I thought I had to have it all sorted by the time I was 30. It was my own interpretation and expectations.
  • The point where I noticed a change is when I was working in a corporate environment, I had a 2 year old – started at 7am and picked him up at 4pm and then tried to fit in a day of activities with him like play dates and library visits. But I needed to fit in my mothering as best as I could when I picked him up. One morning I just hit a wall and needed the time off and that turned into 5 days of needing time off to sit and reflect. In that time I did some reading and looked on the internet and it was like a window opened and I peeked at a different way of being and I discovered a lot of things. I discovered things about the law of attraction, intention, and what I was really interested in. It was 2012 and that was a big talking point in spiritual circles in that year. I actually just filled up on some good information and encouragement. Then I could go back to my job and I changed my hours. Before that I felt stuck in my job, so I changed my hours – started at 8am and had a shorter lunch and made time to walk to work and those small changes helped me.
  • Something just clicked in me, believing that I could make the change, I had the power to learn new things and create new things and slowly grabbing hold of my life back and bringing it back and styling my life how I want it.
  • Comparison – If you’re happy with what you’re creating and more in alignment, then there is less need to compare. The comparison gets less important. It gives you strength and belief because you don’t have to look outside yourself.
  • Through my two births, I wanted to share my experience with other women. I was doing homeopathy because I could do it part time, I used it on myself and my family. I used it through my birth with Santi and healing with him as a kid and it developed into more antenatal consults. Then I did more hypno birthing techniques in my consults. Then I was pregnant with my second child, so I wanted this birth to be a different experience. I had my second birth which was pain free, which was amazing and became what I mainly teach today.
  • Hypno birthing techniques – the anxiety and stress and coping with that in pregnancy and then as a mum afterwards is what I’ve focused my workshops on. I’m so passionate about that. I’ve developed these consultations and workshops based on my own experience. This is what has led me to create these workshops and sessions with women.
  • Pregnant women are most anxious about the pain associated with birth. But that can be turned around in one session, because it is mostly based on fear. If your body is in a fear response your muscles are all tight and can’t move baby down and you physiologically experience pain. You can reduce it right down by reducing fears and also working on your breath. I focus a lot on fears, and flipping it in on its head.
  • What is the worst case scenario of your fear? Then we go one step deeper, we change it to the complete opposite. For example someone maybe really fearful of going to the hospital to give birth. So we talk about what’s the worst case scenario of going to the hospital? They may end up in the neo-natal unit, and they may not be able to hold baby and be a good mum. That can be painful and trigger some emotion. Then we need to replace it with a powerful affirmation. For example “I trust that whatever happens in my birth, my baby and I will be supported by all hospital staff, and heal effectively and efficiently.” Starting a sentence with the words “I trust” gives you a lot of empowerment. Then you’re incorporating – I trust the process, because birth can go down many ways. Then you trust that there are professionals to help you through. Then that feels and sounds so much better and that is what they focus on. The women love that to replace the fears. These can be positive statements, affirmations or mantras.
  • The techniques I teach can also help with challenging breast feeding, and baby sleep patterns, techniques about breath, grounding and homeopathic remedies for everything post-natal.
  • Hypnotherapy  can also help  with letting go of something and for forgiveness. They could have encountered someone that upset them during the birth of their child and they need to debrief after their birth journey  and get help with letting go of what they’re still holding on to.
  • Hypnotherapy – is essentially relaxing yourself so that your subconscious is open and receptive to new ideas. Essentially we have programming in our subconscious and it can’t be cancelled and cleared, but we can add in new beliefs and neural pathways. So you want those new ones to be strong and clear and the default, and those old ones to be dusty and old and not used. So you take the left path and not the right. So when you are relaxed and using your imagination, that taps into your subconscious mind. So when your subconscious mind is open and receptive, that is when it will listen. So you give your subconscious mind new suggestions. For example – how you can birth or how you can deal with pain. So its about the brain being open to new neurological pathways. The brain likes things that are familiar so that is why you need to repeat the affirmations and listen to the audio recordings often, so you make those pathways stronger and stronger.
  • Mindfulness and meditation – its about being still and about slowing right down to noticing what is around you. You’re not escaping or rushing off, its about being really present in the moment and slowing down and listening to yourself. Hypnotherapy is one step further because you have an intention so taking it one step further with a focus and a goal. Your imagination is creating it and your subconscious is listening.
  • You can do self-hypnosis and begin to tell yourself what you want to achieve. You can record yourself, or you can listen to a guided meditation for better health or abundance, free resources or low-cost recordings our there. On a mind level, it can be hard to create a new habit you want. Hypnotherapy can miss out the mind and goes straight to the programme centre of you, sends it in deeper and you have less resistance to achieving it.
  • My advice to those wanting to find their truth is to find the time to listen to yourself, that is where it started with me. I could hear that something wasn’t quite right. Whether that was just a 5 minute practice in the morning. You can hear intuitively where it is – for example if could be something about your job or your daily routine that you know you need to change. It could even be exercising, just take the dog for a walk, sitting at the beach just being still. What worked for me was journaling. At first it was a struggle, now it is a debrief – I go straight to the point. No one is going to read it, its just for me. I write down the hot spots. I also write down my goals and its amazing how you start to word them and get more precise. After seeing it written down I can see how I felt. Its a really good way of releasing, because then its not on top, its released. I recommend journaling, because things come and go with whats on top with fears.
  • A lot of people are scared to get quiet. They’re so busy that there is no time, because they don’t want to intuitively hear anything because they may realise they need change.
  • What stands in the way of people finding their truth? Often it is a feeling of there is no other way, that everything in their life is stopping them from finding their truth and overwhelm.
  • There is no time – I couldn’t’ see that my daily routine could be any different, but I just made 2 small changes and it all changed. Change is the only constant. You can look at your day and there is always something to change if you’re willing to look at opportunities.
  • Your environment – there is the excuse that their responsibilities stop them from developing. But it can be a challenge to speak up, to say no, to put up boundaries, to stop people pleasing. So they’re keeping their truth in because the external push-back is too hard to handle. But to speak your truth you have to work through them.
  • Overwhelm – that is such a huge picture that can paralyse you. You might have told some people of your intention and then it got too hard to do and its easier to just stop. Overwhelm must always be broken down into small steps, and just work through them one step at a time.
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