Divine Self – Spiritual Medium and Matakite – Matewai Te Kere

In this episode I had the absolute pleasure of talking to a whānau (family) member of mine Matewai Te Kere known in the Māori world as a Matakite or Spiritual Medium. She describes herself as a spiritual communicator, psychic, clairvoyant or clairsentient. She does however try to avoid labels, but feels most at ease with Matakite because of her Māori cultural heritage. She defines Matakite as an extra strength of being able to see and feel beyond what an ‘average’ person is able to see and feel.

In this episode she talks about her own journey to developing her medium-ship and how she believes that anyone can connect to their higher-self, its just a matter of coming into yourself through peace and quietness and going into the flow. It also really helps to surround yourself with like-minded people.



Below are some snippets of what Matewai covers in the conversation:

What does finding your truth mean to you?

Discovering, connecting with your inner-being or higher self. Trusting and believing. Following your own personal beliefs. I do believe we are all wairua (spirit) here having a human experience. Part of our growth of being spirit in this human world is remembering who we truly are. It’s about making that connection. It’s really exciting but also carries a lot of uncertainty. Faith and trust. One persons belief and truth can be completely different to mine, so it is whatever you feel. Rediscovering and reconnecting to your inner self, and going with the flow.

Tell us about your path to discovering your truth as a Matakite?

It’s been a roller coaster! Being Māori we’re a very spiritually connected culture. Although I was raised in the city, the tikanga (culture) and kawa in my family and home was very strong. It has always been a part of me. It was naturally embedded in me that my tipuna (ancestors) are working with me.

As a child (I’ve only discovered this recently) I would have a great imagination and play on my own talking to myself, and I didn’t realise how strong it was until family told me these stories. I do have the odd memory of seeing things not of this realm and it terrified me. I wanted it to go away, and as I grew older I got my wish and it did go away.

I believe when we are children we can connect easier as it is fresh and we remember. When we get older we lose that connection.

I started having children and I have 3 boys – they are 16, 21 and 24 year olds. My 21 year old, when I gave birth to him and as he grew up he started experiencing things that I did when I was younger. So to help him I started to open myself up again and I was determined to help him. The right people came in my path and it was through them that I started to open up and connect on my path. Mainly family – my mother, but also others that came into my path. It was through those practices that I started connecting to help my son. The main source was through meditation, and trusting what you were feeling.

I believe everyone has the ability to do what I do, it’s a matter of how badly you want it, and you can develop it. It’s like exercise, the more you do it the better you get at it.

I don’t know how I managed to guide my son, but was able to help him and we’ve done the odd reading together, and if I can’t articulate something he will jump in and finish it for me. I was able to help him and guide him to control it. It is an unknown and there are some parts that need to be taught.

It was through my personal development that I started doing the odd reading here and there. And I got validation from people here and there, and I got referrals and then got my services going through word of mouth.

I’ve been in the public eye for 3 years now. I’m loving it, still on that journey.

I do my readings out of compassion and love. I do love getting validation as it boosts my confidence. I am an introvert, I was very very shy and reserved. It has helped me to build my confidence. I am dyslexic also so I’ve really stepped out of my comfort zone.

How I prepare for a reading or an event:

I prepare before a reading or any event, by going into a breathing or silent state. I have a strong belief in karakia (prayer). I read two types of energy – their higher self and any loved ones that choose to step forward. I ask my inner-self if it is okay for me to read for this person. I invite my tipuna (loved ones) individually by name. Then I ask for permission to their higher self if its okay for me to read for them, and also ask their loved ones if it is okay.

I always do readings with love intent.

I always explain step by step how I’m going to do the reading.

I don’t remember anything, I ask for the messages to come through me and I don’t attach to them.

I’m a clairsentient because I feel and I sense. All my senses are working – my main ones are feeling and images, so they may show me a picture of themselves. I feel their energy and they may show me a photo of them. Because they no longer have a voice, they will put images in my head.

Each energy comes through differently, with one read I may feel a strong sense of smell or I may feel like someone is physically touching me. My main sense is of knowing, and trusting whatever I get.

When you’re developing, you’ll find a particular strength, with each practice that you work with. You go through a stage where you use all of them, but you will find a strong preference.


The more reads I did, the more confirmations I got, the more I could trust myself. I’ve done thousands of readings now, and because of all the confirmations I’ve received over these reads, it has lead into more trust.

How to connect to your truth.

Connect to your inner-self, your inner-being. Silence and meditation is a good way to connect with that. Make an effort to create it, put the work in and do the actions. Surround yourself with like-minded people on the same journey.

What stops people from connecting to their truth?

What stopped me was fear, of the unknown. Not being able to control the negative stuff. If I opened myself up to the spiritual realm, will I get caught into negativity. But I developed really fast and realised we all have that inner control and inner strength. But because I work with my tipuna (ancestors) I’ve been gifted my own personal mana (inner-strength) so I have the power to control that negativity.

I make it my intention to work with those with loving energy and keep the negativity away.

Final words of advice:

Anyone can connect to their higher-self, its just a matter of coming into yourself through peace and quietness and going into the flow. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Some people are naturals so don’t need to develop these skills, but there are development groups around the country and world where you can learn from each other. It does help to have a network of friends to help with that development.

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