Compassion and consciousness at the holistic wellbeing spiritual fair with Graham Sim

In this episode I had the privilege of talking to Graham Sim at one of his holistic wellbeing spiritual fairs in Waikanae. He has an impressive list of specialties and titles including:  Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Business Consultant, Relationship Therapist, Life Coach, Addiction Therapist, Clairvoyant and Master Reiki Healer. He is the founder of GKS Holism which offers a wide range of alternative wellbeing therapies and services, as well as running many workshops and events in the lower North Island region of New Zealand.

This was a super intriguing conversation where we discuss some deep topics and theories on life around compassion, consciousness, ascension, how everything is just energy, personal responsibility, synchronicity, fear and intuition. We discuss aspects of his life story and how he saw spirit as a child, how he escaped his Glaswegian gang life, and became connected or reconnected with his spiritual path or waking up. We veer off into the world of politics, sport and religion,and come back to some practical advice on how to find your truth by stepping out of fear and changing your experiences.



Below are some snippets of what Graham covers in the conversation:
  • I came to an understanding after many, many years of experience that all we are is energy, and as energy we are one consciousness, and as one consciousness we are here to help and support each other grow. People call that ascension.
  • As consciousness grows we have to ascend and we will go into the fourth dimension
  • Finding your truth – everybody’s truth comes from their belief systems. Nobodies truth is neither right or wrong it just is. It is when we want to have others believe our truth that problems actually start.

Its when you come from a place of compassion, which means no judgement, then you can allow everyone to have their truth. Then you no longer feel offended or feel the need to defend your truth.

  • All through my life I’ve always been surrounded by people. I grew up in Glasgow, it was very rough and poverty stricken. As a child you’d just walk into a house and get given a jelly piece, so they’d always look after you, but they’d also just as easily stab you the next day, through some sort of ridiculous nonsense. It was a very surreal place to live in. There was also a real religious context between Catholics and Protestants.
  • I grew up and all my friends were Catholics, but I was born into the Protestant faith, then when I turned 12 years old, I wasn’t allowed to play with them.
  • I managed to break away from that stuff and ran pubs and restaurants, once again surrounded by thousands of people. Then I was a foster carer and surrounded by people again. My life has been all about being surround by different people, different characters, understanding how they work, what sets them off. How emotions run them. And all the time because of that reflection, and always looking at what this person is reflecting in me.

So what you like about someone is what you like about yourself, and what you dislike about someone is what you dislike about yourself. So if you can be honest with yourself then you can become aware of what you dislike and change it, by changing your behaviours. Once you get your head around that, you can’t really judge anybody. Because you’ve either done it or you’re still doing it. And you don’t want to lie to yourself.

  • My truth is that I can go back to be 3 or 4 years old and remember seeing spirit and playing with spirit. But because of my culture and society, it was knocked out of me, or frowned upon. I had daily negative physical life experiences. I behaved in ways that society wouldn’t deem acceptable. But there was always this voice in the back of my head saying ‘what are you doing?’ and I started to listen to that voice. And I slowly started to move away from the gang culture. And once I managed to get away from that culture I moved away.
  • I moved from Glasgow to London, then I could discard the old me and become a new me. Then I discovered that there were still things I didn’t like about myself, so I moved again and then was able to remove another layer of skin. Like peeling an onion, and then I got to a point where I started to actually like myself and didn’t have to move anymore.
  • All form of thought is an enemy. We don’t want to fight it, it is part of our personality and part of our learned behaviour. Within the personality you have thought, past experience and emotion. So as a stimulus comes in, you go through thought. The minute you go into thought you go into past experiences, and it decides what the right emotion should be. Which creates another stimulus, which is why so many people regurgitate yesterday. So I just started to live in my intuition. Just what felt right, from my intuition. Since I was about 35 years old I’ve been living from this place.
  • Until an old scary pattern comes up that is a deep rooted behaviour that was learned. But then when I catch it, I don’t beat myself up, and then I see what triggered it and see it’s not really relevant.
  • You can only feel if you’re actually in memory or imagination. Memory represents your past, and your imagination represents your future. So when you’re using your imagination you’re running scenarios, which mostly lead to disappointment, which then leads to an emotion.
  • As a spirit, you are just compassion – which literally means no judgement. When you go into the womb, you’re seduced into emotion. You start becoming aware of Mum’s emotions. When you’re born then you have your care givers – mainly mum and dad. And you can’t rationalise your emotions from the ages of zero to five. So you learn how to deal with situations is by watching your caregivers. You/your personality becomes some sort of combination of them.
  • However, when you can find your passion, you’re always in the moment. So the idea is to find your passion and then keep building on it. So when you’re completely in passion, which is Com-passion. Then you’d be purely spirit again.

There is the mission or purpose. We are all just spirit and consciousness, through the decisions you’re making you’re finding your way back to compassion, you’re actually growing through experience consciousness. That’s why the universe keeps expanding, because we’re just energy.

  • And that is the whole purpose of this existence, to get back to compassion, whilst you’re making decisions, gaining experience for consciousness itself.
  • I see everything as just energy, nothing is physical. Check out the double slit experiment, it explains this quite well. Everything is just energy in the form of a wave until it’s observed.
  • When something happens – I ask myself “why did I create this”. It is like a movie. Nothing ever happens to you, everything comes from you. You have to take responsibility for everything. Some may ask “how come I got ill?” and that just means the Universe or your Soul just needs to give you a slap in the face with a physical manifestation to change your behaviour. And if you still don’t continue to change, you’re going to die.
  • Everything is an opportunity to see the reflection. It is a self created observation, and if you’re intuitive enough you can become aware of it.
  • Any negative energy is going to physically manifest as a fear.
  • You can choose to change the scenes of your life as soon as you decide to take responsibility for what you’re creating.
  • 25 years ago I read a book by David Icke, he was being slaughtered in the media at the time. He said one thing that stopped me “everything you’ve ever been taught, the opposite is true”.

For example we’re taught that success is wealth, money and possession, but the opposite from a spiritual perspective is true. Everything in life should be about humanity, but it is well down the list of importance.

  • Religion, sports and politics are all about divide and conquer.
  • When I met Kazz, my wife, she was instrumental in ‘saving’ me or ‘waking me up’ and she took me to a spiritualist church. Everything they told me over the next three years came true. I also remembered how I could see spirit as a child.
  • Then I did a hypnotherapist course, and I realised that I was always connected, and from there I realised that I was never not connected.
  • When you want to go on this journey, synchronicity will always make sure you’re on the right path.
  • I understand now as you let things flow and let things unfold, then it always works out perfectly for you.
  • To truly get what you want in life, you have to let go and you have to have no need for it.
  • One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.
  • The TV is one of our biggest enemies, it was created to brainwash us. I don’t really care that much about world events. The systems are already in place, instead of fighting the systems, turn the television off, and educate yourself, do your own research. There is never any good news stories, which is to keep humanity in perpetual fear.
  • If you’re in fear then you’re not intuitive.
  • We’re taught from a very young age to fear the unknown. That fits in with the fight and flight response. The biggest fear in the world is fear itself.
  • Best advice – start changing your experiences. For example, in the mornings walk backwards to the toilet. You’re retraining your brain to expect new things. Until after some time the brain induces these experiences because it has a requirement for it. Every day do something different, then eventually you’ll constantly look for new experiences.


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