Body Intuitive Coach – Penny Beale

In this episode I had a lot of fun talking to Penny Beale, a Body Intuitive Coach.

She helps people tune into their emotional bodies, their spiritual bodies and their physical bodies, to access the information that we all have within us; our intuitive wisdom.

She teaches people how to do that and guides them through the difficult patterns we get stuck in. For example, when we think “oh that’s just the way I am”  or  “I’m just someone who has bad relationships” or  “I can’t lose weight” or “I just don’t earn a lot of money”

Those things that we just think that we are, Penny shows them that it is just a story they’ve learnt in this life or in past lives, and that they can totally change it by feeling through the emotions that come up with that story.



Below are some snippets of what Penny covers in the conversation:


What does finding your truth mean to you?

Finding your truth is following your heart. Following your heart is about unblocking what is in the way of our truth, because it’s in us always. Following those emotions that are called ‘bad’ but I like to call ‘uncomfortable’ and being with them and moving through them instead of avoiding them.

Your personal story to becoming a Body Intuitive Coach

I didn’t know what to do at school, so I went to dance school as I knew I loved it.

I injured my ankle but danced on it all year anyway. My father passed away that year too. Those two things were really defining in a lot of ways.

My work now is about helping people feel the emotions they’re trying to avoid, because ignored built up emotions are what stop us from moving forwards.

I was the Queen of avoiding my emotions. I was always happy and taking care of people. That was one of the things I did to avoid looking at my own stuff.

On reflection I couldn’t cope with the grief of losing my father, so I got into body sculpting as I couldn’t dance with my injured ankle.

I threw myself into body sculpting and I got a lot of injuries because the grief and the pain was still in my body and I got lots of injuries in my shoulders. I would train through it because it was much easier to feel the physical pain than the emotional pain. But I would carry on because I thought I was just working hard and I was going to change my body. At the time I thought I was over-weight and felt like I needed a better body. Typical negative body issues, like many women, but I didn’t have any reason to.

I came to London for one week and it turned into 17 years. I’d enjoyed a lot about my experience in body sculpting and that’s what made me decide to become a personal trainer. When I was helping people I was really interested in helping them recover from injury. I found the ones that struggled to recover from injury had a lot of stuff going on in their life.

So I started training in things like Reiki and Life Coaching to see how I could help people with more than just the physical. Then I trained in a massively complex system called Life Alignment, and I learnt so much that I use in my practice today.

The basis of our process is called – “Feel it” instead of trying to avoid the feeling, let yourself feel the emotion that is coming up. You’re honoring that part of yourself that is feeling that emotion and the different layers of the emotion. Is it trying to teach you something, tell you or remind you of something? It is so powerful, and I can teach that part to my clients. I want to give my clients their independence, so they can do these exercises by themselves.

Suppression of our emotions

This pressure to suppress our emotions comes from society – people are scared of it. If we’re out there fully expressing ourselves, people can’t handle it. People get so uncomfortable; they don’t know how to deal with their emotions. Our distraction techniques can be drinking and overworking.

If people are constantly letting their emotions out, then there doesn’t have to be a crisis.


If people don’t have alignment with their goals with their beliefs then they may end up self-sabotaging.

People who struggle to lose weight, I feel for them so much because I want to say “It’s not your fault”. Because it’s about getting down to those beliefs. You can come to believe that is just how you are. Thinking this is me, what hope have I got. The more important thing is getting to a place of loving your body and loving where you are. But it’s about getting closer and closer to that.

Dealing with the internal critic to lose weight

I used to beat my body up verbally in my head. It’s a matter of slowly getting a shift of belief. I help my clients to understand that they can get a shift in their beliefs, and train and eat nutritiously AND enjoy it. I think it is old paradigm to be pushing and fighting with yourself to get through. They can approach it from a different angle if it’s too challenging like work or parenting. They can start with something different and apply that energy to food and exercise.

I work on myself all the time, I call it maintenance.

I love seeing people realise they’re so much more than they think they are. This is one of my skills – looking at somebody and seeing how incredible they are. I can see they don’t have a clue, even if they think they’re alright, I’m like no, there is so much more. Helping them bring that out for themselves, I love doing that.

I think I’m going to end up doing some workshops and retreats starting in September 2019 with an amazing yoga teacher friend of mine.

Intuitive aspect of coaching

We are all super intuitive, and some of us don’t realise it. Even those that don’t think they are intuitive now. I can feel when I’m working with a client, if they’re on track or in alignment or not.

A big part of the work that I do is to teach people how to connect to their hearts.

A super simple exercise to connect to your heart

We spend most of our time in our heads. So I’ll get people to imagine that they’re in an elevator in their heads and slowly dropping down into their hearts. And I’ll ask them “what does it feel, sound and look like in that space?” You can’t figure it out in your mind, you have to feel into what the answer is. They might get an image or a vibration or a word, but it may not make sense, the key is to just accept what comes.

One of the rules of theater sports is to go with what people say, to accept and say ‘tell me more’ or ‘what else?’.

How do you work with your clients?

I get people coming to me through word of mouth recommendations or through their own intuition. As they are telling me about what they want I know intuitively what they need when they talk about the thing they need to work on. I find that in every session there is growth, deepening and uncovering. I tend to work with my clients online, but then in person when I can.

If you’re ever struggling with meditating, try doing some balance training. Find a rail or a curb and walk along it and notice how you have to stay really present in order to stay in balance, when you fall off its because you’ve become distracted.

I also talk to my clients about nutrition, movement, and connection with nature.

Common issues

Often they struggle with what I’ve struggled with. Not connecting to their emotions, or the other extreme being engulfed by their emotions. Distraction – helping other people instead of focusing on themselves. Coming up with excuses that sound good, but are not true, and I help people build themselves up so they can get to a point where they can put themselves first.

Penny’s advice to finding your truth, connecting to intuition, being successful, #livingyourbestlife

If you’re in a place of feeling like you “NEED” to do this or else, then that is not a place to do this from (unless you’re in a fire, get out). When you’re thinking I have to do this or else ‘money is not going to come in’ or ‘I need to do this for that person’ that is not the energy to do that from. When you can stop and feel those feelings, say for example its panic. Find out where it is in the body – for example in your chest. What does it feel like, does it have a colour, texture or shape? Notice how intense it is on a scale from 1 to 10. Stay with it, and check in and it will go down the scale. Stop, be with yourself and just feel. As the panic gets less, then another feeling may come up. For example the panic may leave and another feeling may come up like “I’m not good enough”

So you’re working in layers. So you can work on the layer of one feeling at a time. Then you may come to a belief. You may come to the other side of the emotion and feel calm and clarity. And it is amazing how fun and easy things can be, but it’s so good to let yourself feel the uncomfortable feelings, as we’re so used to avoiding the painful feelings.

You can start with small things, then you get used to it, and when you get used to the feeling of it getting less intense you can move onto the next one.

Last bits of advice from Penny

We’re so powerful; there is so much we can do for ourselves. When we really take care of ourselves that is when we can take care of others better. I want people to realise how powerful they are and even just get curious and think, yea maybe I am powerful.

Know that you’re super powerful – everyone is!


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